E01. Blades in the Dark - Magical Prostitute

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Sudi, Drav, and Aberthol contact an Imperium Tax Auditor who is willing to help them delay Quince Wainwright owner of a wealthy construction firm who is planning a gentrification expansion into Crows Foot. Their scheme it so plant undocumented drugs in one of his warehouses and get him under heavy tax audit.

This episode also contains bits of commentary throughout when the rules are engaged if you're an aspiring Game Master or Player.

01:21 - Meeting Vestine
06:15 - Next Scene The Score Mechanics
10:42 - The Play Goes On!
13:30 - Sudi Get's Phin Drunk
15:10 - The Formans "Entertains"
16:04 - Magical Prostitue
21:30 - Commentary: Multiple Choices
22:26 - Commentary: Clocks
22:57 - Warehouse 19
27:04 - Commentary: The Action Roll
29:32 - Planting the Drugs
33:17 - Retcon Action Roll