E01. Tomb of Annihilation - The Quest Begins

Tomb-of-Annihilation-Lead-In 2.jpg

Syndra Silvane needs help and through some major divine intervention ended up with Sariel and Penelopy, her last best hope for ending the Death Curse that's slowly killing her. Good Deeds ahead!

01:42 Campaign Setup
03:06 Syndra Silvane
07:15 Port Nyanzaru (Executioners Run)
16:25 Where do we start?
20:47 Wakanga O'tamu (Merchant Prince)
23:37 The Wizards Journal (Vorn the Shield Guardian)
29:31 Kaya's House of Repose
36:43 Eku (Guide Interviews)
41:39 Hew Hackenstone (Guide Interviews)
46:00 Solida (Guide Interviews)
50:09 You're Hired!
54:12 Ladies Night Out!
59:52 An Innocent Man! (Side Quest)
1:02:57 Drunks to the Rescue...
1:13:38 Rules Check: Death Saves
1:14:40 Saving Draza
1:26:23 Closing