Exit 23

This adventure module originally appeared in the back of Alternity's Dark•Matter core book, a role-playing game setting from the late 90s that featured X-Files like investigations into goverment conspiraries and the supernatural (you know, the good stuff). Ben orginally ran it for us in 2001 and things got stupid quick, now I'm giving it a modern reboot to keep that energy alive.


While this adventure was originally designed for the Alternity role-playing game back in the late 90s, better more genre-focused systems have come along, and the rules have been converted for the Esoterrorists campaign setting.


Below are the core resources to get you going, along with a timeline for the players blow apart after the first scene.


The original text-boxes were so wordy I could hear my own eyes glaze over in their sockets. I took the liberty of rewriting everything and providing an audio reel example.