"OK, but if you fail this test..."


I started this podcast because I love tabletop role-playing games, podcasts, and Madison, WI; the place I grew up. The shows name comes from the groups favorite Pathfinder Campaign, the one where the players had to create their own villains and play them!

I've been running one or more games a week since high school, or when 3e D&D was becoming "the new thing", I bring decades of experience to running roleplaying games and the hobby itself.

We're also big fans of Pegasus Games, and I'm Bored! Family Fun & Games, two of Madison's best family gaming stores.



Favorites are Dungeons & Dragons, Burning Wheel, and Paranoia

Officially ran the groups first ever AD&D game campaign, and the ever beloved Steel Age game, an alternate history Modern-Fantasy D&D Game spanning the 3e and 3.5e era.



Favorites include anything you throw in front of him.

If we could ever sum up Ian's persona it would be comic relief characters and Miyazaki styled worlds. Ian also provided us the Ukulele riffs that dot this podcast.



Favorites are Fear Itself, Dread, and [Everyone is John](https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Everyone_Is_John)

The newest Stalwart (being like 7 years ago), Ashley joined us when Colin was running a summer long "World War Z" campaign using True 20 as the core system. She also brings the best Wisconsin cheese and cracker plates.



Favorites are Dungeons & Dragons, Exalted, and Gumshoe

Alex is a geeks-geek, classically trained in boardgames, all forms of video games, and roleplaying games. He's also a fine aficionado of Senti, Anime, and Drag Queens.